Whether you are shopping for a new TV, a popular book, new appliances or that specific pair of running shoes we're here to help to make the process easier. All too often we see people struggle to get the information and answers to specific questions in order to make the best decision when it comes to researching a specific product, discovering what product is best in a certain category or finding support after the purchase is made.

That is why QandAs was developed, to make it easier to get answers to questions to help you shop smarter and get useful product support after the purchase. QandAs has a database of more than 10 million products, nearly all of which have useful questions and thoughtful answers to help simplify the three most important aspects of a purchase:

  • 1. Discovery: When you know you need to buy something – a digital camera for under $400, for example – but you're not sure which exact product is best.
  • 2. Research: When you need more information for the exact product – the Nikon D3100 Digital Camera, for example – you know you want to buy.
  • 3. Support: When you need support for the product you have already purchased.


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